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Laminectomy Animation

                   Herniated Disc Surgery

I completed this surgical video due to having this surgery done on myself. I wanted to better understand what was being done to me, and I wanted to be able to show people what was done. This is a brief video, and It was made for a lay audience. I plan on expanding this surgery in the near future to include seperate muscles, adjust lighting, and to also and more text to all assets in the animation.

Neuro VR Simulation 

                 Team Animation


This animation was produced with a team of medical animators to produce a product to showcase the possibilities of VR. Our end goal was to produce a video that could convey a complex system in a short video. My individual responsibilities included developing the environment in 3D, while also adding the element of it interactive possibilities. The three other individuals, Megan Moore, Carson Zgoda, Larissa Dale, and Megan Hamill. This project was overseen by Craig Foster to ensure all portions of the project were perfomed on time.

Vertebrae Diagram

                   Structure and Motion


I did this animation under the supervision of Glen Hintz at Rochester Institute of Technology. I completed this animation based on the narration given to me by Glen. I completed this to help show a lay audience what the general structures of a thoracic vertebrae. This animation was completed to help show basic skills in animation.

3D imaging using

                  Horos and human MRI's



This short animation was created using the program Horos. With this software I am able to create 3D .obj and .stl files that are an exact replica of the respective body it is referencing. This software has helped surgeons 3D print a patient's kidney, to allow a surgeon to look and practice doing surgery on a person's kidney without having to actual enter the patient. This is becoming more and more important as it is hard to spot tumors on a person's kidney without actually entering into a person's body.

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