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Barney Rubble Crushed Toe Court Case


This is a court case illustration was made for an individual with an injury from a 500 pound rock falling onto their foot. This illustration is meant to showcase the injuries sustained and treatments needed during the course of care.

I started with sketching an original uninjured foot.

I worked from x-rays, and description given in the medical report explaing the different procedures performed in each step. 

Cadaver Sketches

These sketches were done throughout a semester of taking gross anatomy at Rochester Institute of Technology, taught by James Perkins. All sketches were completed by me, using my favorite mechanical pencil. Each sketch was done within one to two hours. The Brachial Plexus sketch is an exception, due to it taking roughly three hours. Sketching with pencil is my favorite medium, and I love trying to bring life into something I am observing in person. At this point in my career, I have done dissections on over thirteen cadavers, and I have learned an immense amount of human anatomy from the time spent in the lab with Jim Perkins.

Santa's Socks, a Bow's the Sock Monkey book

Santa's Socks is a childrens book written by the author, Lynette Manuse. I was asked to create illustrations based off of text given to me. I worked at this book illustrating and sketching ideas in late August 2018. I completed these sketches and had a completed book illustrated by the beginning of October.  

Penile Prosthetic Device

             Surgical Sketching and illustrating

As I entered into Rochester General Hospital's surgical floor with a classmate Jack Nelson for our surgical illustration class with Jim Perkins. After finding the most interesting surgery of the day, we both played rock paper scissor shoe to decide who would get to see this surgery. I won with rock, and I scrubbed into surgery. 

I sketched, while the procedure occurred, and through talking with the medical device rep and doctors gathered as much information about the surgery as possible. I then went back into the studio, and rendered digital images of what I had experienced. I use the sketches to help add a  realistic view of the surgery I actually was a part of. I noticed little things about the surgery that didn't necessarily make sense right away. After looking up online resources, and checking surgical procedure textbooks I learned what each step is in extreme detail.

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