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     My name is Wesley Moon, I am based in New York and I have a taste for all things creative and innovative. I most recently worked as a clinical specialist covering North America with normothermic machine perfusion of organs. I worked many different roles including marketing, project management, routine clinical case support, and a link role in operations. I have very unique experiences, working in Duke's pediatric ICU's and operating rooms, problem solving complicated medical device issues in real time, doing compressions in a crowded trauma bay, holding hands in palliative care and much more. I have worked multiple roles in most of the occupations I have held and I enjoy being fully absorbed into my work.

Currently, I have helped businesses gain over 32,095,699 views to help their businesses generate online traction in my spare time. Whether working on a logo or helping unkink suction tubing in the operating room, I am always looking to improve and adapt to any role I find myself in. I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's in Fine arts in Medical Illustration while working full time overnights at the University of Rochester as a Senior Geriatric Psych Specialist.

I can still remember my first trauma patient. A patient with an arterial head wound, that wouldn't make it through the night. The rush of adrenaline it gave me, and the rewarding feeling I felt knowing I had done whatever I could for the patient and their family. I am motivated by these situations, and they have allowed me to continually do the most for every patient or project I have been involved with.


I come with an array of unique experiences, and I am constantly evolving even what I think I am capable of. Art is a creative corner I dwell in not working within an operating room

Please contact me with any questions about my work or share it with a friend!

I am currently open for commission work and I look forward to hearing from you.




Wesley B. Moon

Medical Professional,

3D modeling Illustrating Animating Designing Consulting

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