My name is Wesley Barr Moon, I am 27 year old based in Rochester, New York. I have a taste for all things creative and innovative with a constant pursuit to better myself and the world that I am a part of. Currently, I have helped businesses gain over 10,073,793 views to help their businesses generate income. I work in many different mediums, and I am in the current pursuit of a company that has the resources and community to help me showcase my talents in design, web design, illustration, photography, animation, video production, and VR simulations.


I graduated from the bachelor’s program of Medical Illustration at Rochester Institute of Technology, and previously received my Associates of Science from Monroe Community College in Liberal Arts. The world of medicine and art is a place I thrive in. The experiences I have had as an individual within the world of medicine has expanded my love for the field of medicine and art.

I can still remember my first trauma patient. A patient with an arterial head would, wouldn't make it through the night. The rush of adrenaline it gave me, and the rewarding feeling I felt knowing I had done whatever I could for the patient and their family has stayed with me since. I am motivated by these situations, and they have allowed me to continually do the most for every patient or project I have. I wouldn't trade working in the medical field for anything; except art.


I come with an array of unique experiences, and I am constantly evolving even what I think I am capable of. Art is my creative corner I dwell in, and I am willing to explore any and all options given to me. I am always willing to pick up my pencil and work with a person’s ideas brought to me, no matter how impossible it may seem.


Please contact me with any questions about my work or share it with a friend!

I am currently open for commission work  and I look forward to hearing from you.




Wesley B. Moon

3D modeling Illustrating Animating Designing Consulting