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     My name is Wesley Moon, I am based in New York and I have a taste for all things creative and innovative. I most recently worked as a clinical specialist covering North America with normothermic machine perfusion of organs. I worked many different roles including marketing, project management, routine clinical case support, and a link role in operations. I have very unique experiences, working in Duke's pediatric ICU's and operating rooms, problem solving complicated medical device issues in real time, doing compressions in a crowded trauma bay, holding hands in palliative care or assisting in the operating room and packaging organs to name a few. I have worked multiple roles in most of the occupations I have held and I enjoy being fully absorbed into my work.

Personally, I have helped businesses gain over 42,461,125 views of their services and products to help their businesses generate online traction. Whether working on a logo or helping unkink suction tubing in the operating room, I am always looking to improve and adapt to any role I find myself in. I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor's in fine arts in Medical Illustration while working full time overnights at the University of Rochester.

I am motivated by challenges and situations that push me to improve and develop myself every day. I currently work at Finger Lakes Donor Recovery network with three roles with my main function being an Organ Preservation covering 38 hospitals within my DSA. I also work as Director of R&D for Able Creations, a consultant company covering a diverse scope of specialties.

Please contact me with any questions about my work or share it with a colleague; I am currently open for work within animation, branding, operating room education, Organ Procurement Coordinator and Organ Preservationist related roles, Hospital Innovation programs, novelty class III medical device roles, and VR training development. I look forward to making new friends in my respective fields and I always look forward to a good conversation.



Wesley B. Moon

Medical Professional,

3D modeling Illustrating Animating Designing Consulting

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