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Compliments & Awards

"Wesley was kind enough to help the IR staff out in a pinch when we were unable to locate a replacement arterial line transducer during a complicated case, despite not being involved in the case. Thanks to his efforts and commitment to excellent patient care everything when smooth, and the case turned out well."

                                                                         - Jay Jarvis IR Technologist I

"Wes came to the rescue when he came across a lost child in the main hospital. He made sure to keep him safe while he walked him down to the lobby where he was reunited with his parent."

                                                                         - Alison Kinslow Nurse Anesthetist

"Wesley was extremely patient with an agitated patient throughout the entire 12-hour shift. He remained patient and calm and was a great help to the nursing staff. We appreciate you!"

                                                                         - Allison Spang Registered Nurse-Level III

"Welsey was the GPS assigned to a patient of mine. He was AWESOME. Right away he jumped up to give my patient a bath and change all of his linens. After that he took the time to find some awesome music. It was incredible to see this patients face light up and watch him begin to sing and dance! Thank you so much for the compassion and respect you showed this patient. You made sure his needs were always met and took your time communicating with him. This patient had an excellent day due to your efforts and your care was very appreciated!"

                                                                         - Marissa Tischler RN

"I would like to recognize all the student GPS staff who took their exams and still came to work and gave our patients their undivided attention and care. Kudos for all of you who pulled hours, studied, took exams and made it through! Your integrity to follow through during this stressful time says a lot about what people can expect from you in the future and I admire your ability to balance your work/school load."

                                                                        - Marylee Almekinder Bucci GPS


"I began my shift with the goal of avoiding any prn agitation medications for a specific patient. Wesley was working as a GPS for my patient and his use of empathy, compassion and specific de-escalation techniques were vital in achieving that goal. The patient was able to be redirected and calmed with non-pharmacological methods, providing a higher standard of patient and family centered care. You are the patient whisperer."

                                                                        - Grant Seaman Advanced Practice ICU RN


"Wesley was incredible with my patient. He showered, shaved and cut my patients hair. He toileted my patient and distracted him by wheeling him around the nursing station. The way he kept my patient busy was amazing. He provided the best care possible. Thank you so much for your time, and your effort. It was greatly appreciated. "

                                                                        - Tatyana Babchuk  MedSurg RN


"Wesley helped settle and keep calm an confused patient on an overnight shift. This patient's room was so calm and comforting that night. Thank you Wesley for keeping the patient comfortable and everyone safe. "

                                                                        - Lindsay Calabrese  MedSurg RN


"I was walking through the Main Lobby on the way to the cafeteria when I saw Wes by the information desk. Turns out he was escorting a visitor to an inpatient unit who was having trouble getting there by herself. It was really nice of him to selflessly take some time out of his break to help this person out, especially in the middle of the night when there are fewer staff members around to help."

                                                                        - Rachel Roessel  GPS


"A visitor needed assistance getting up to a unit and Wes happily volunteered to wheel her up in a wheelchair. I was the only one at the desk and could not leave. Wes was just walking by and jumped into help without a second thought."

                                                                        - Deborah Mattice  Guest Services Specialist


"Wesley went above and beyond as a GPS to help the unit with a challenging patient who required a lot of attention and care. Wesley frequently communicated with nursing staff and was proactive in reorienting, distracting, providing range-of-motion exercising, and even offered to shave the patient's beard in an effort to improve patient comfort. Wesley was a calming and reassuring presence for a patient who would otherwise be very disruptive on the unit. All of the nursing staff, as well as the patients on the unit noticed the difference in the environment - all thanks to the hard work and genuine care of Wesley. Thank you Wesley!!!"

                                                                        - Elizabeth 'Gia' Gifford  Emergency Room RN


"Wes was on 6-1600 on a day we had three total GPS or one to ones on the unit. He did an amazing job redirecting the patient he was assigned to. He is kind, compassionate, and a good listener, He has all the skills to be able to provide excellent care to even the most challenging patients. Thank you Wes for all of your help"

                                                                        - Katherine Stasiw MedSurg RN


"Wesley is an excellent GPS. He goes above and beyond for his patients. His truly cares a lot about his job. Keep up the good work! "

                                                                        - Ahmad Tawaf  MedSurg RN


"Wesley was very kind going out of his way to get me everything I needed for comfort during my stay! I was there for a scan for a concussion and I was already nervous. Wesley was very kind and full of smiles which made me feel better!"

                                                                        - An appreciative patient


"Wesley was so kind and helpful to one of our patient's with dementia. Once he found out her love of music he even escorted her off the unit and played piano for her!!! Thank you so much Wesley for taking the time to get to know this patient and make her day so special. !"

                                                                        - Monika Van Der Kloet  Assistant Nurse Manager


"Wes provided wonderful care to one of our patients on the unit and went above and beyond to ensure that the patient would have a good day on the unit. He went out of his way to find the patient's favorite movie to help her be relaxed. Thank you Wes from all of us on 3-2800"

                                                                        -  Amanda Bottoglia Burn Trauma RN II


"Wesley was wonderful to work with when he was the GPS for a patient on our unit. He was eager and willing to help in anyway he could, and was especially attentive to the needs of the patient of the patient's family members. Wesley had a calming presence, which helped foster a healing environment for the patient"

                                                                        -  Julia Evans  OBGYN RN


"Keeping our patients safe is always a priority. Wesley has helped our unit take care of our most challenging patients. He has treated them with the utmost respect while keeping them active and safe. The compassion that he has shown is inspiring."

                                                                        -  Ma Melita Hebert  MedSurg RN II


"Wes takes amazing care of my husband. He is always proactive, he is caring, genuine, funny, and connects well with my husband. He plays games with my husband, encourages him to do better, and always has my husband's best interest at heart. He is very familiar with my husband's schedule and is just a wonderful young man. All of these things are important to my husband and our family because we know when Wes cares for him, he will be well cared for and happy. "

                                                                        -  A Thankful Family Member

"He is kind and social. He is very thorough and detail oriented. His approach was very comfortable for my mom. He supported her successfully through some disorientation through to overnight."

                                                                        -  A Thankful Family Member

"Our team had a very nice pt who developed severe encephalopathy during his stay and had been struggling for the past week without any PO intake. We were incredibly fortunate to have Wesley assigned as his GPS. Our team entered the room on rounds to see Wesley holding the patient's hand and feeding him jello by the spoonful. This was the first time anyone had gotten the patient to eat in a week! Wesley was attentive, encouraging, and caring. The entire team was extremely impressed and independently all mentioned what an amazing job Wesley was doing after we left the room. I can emphatically say this patient would not have done as well as he did without Wesley at his bedside. It brought hope to the patient's family and the team that the patient may yet improve as today was the clearest he had been in over a week. Each member would nominate him for a Strong Star if we could for his work today. Absolutely Outstanding!!"

                                                                        -  Nicholas Tschernia Oncology Resident

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