Whether you need a video for YouTube and / or your home site we can produce your video from concept to release on the world wide web.

There may be additional costs for such things as third party clip art and music. There are vast low cost resources available including clip art, photos and music. Our bid will be determined by such things as the length of the video, whether a script needs to be written, whether or not you are providing the various assets (such as video footage, photos, clip art, voice over audio, music, etc), and whether you need extra services such as uploading the video to YouTube and/or your site. The 55 second West Beach Media sizzle reel viewed on the home page was produced in about 2 days using only open source (royalty free) clip art. Obviously it will save you money if you already have all or most of the assets that will be needed (pictures, video footage, and audio) to put it all together. Please gather the the assets (video, stills) that you have so that you can email them or send them using large file delivery services such as TransferBigFiles.

You can view the West Beach Media sizzle reel on the home page.