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WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES: Whether you need a logo, a landing page banner, an online video to be launched on You Tube or your home website, or an entire website with e-commerce shopping cart designed with keyword density in mind, we can help.

DO YOU HAVE A PRESENCE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB? Studies have shown that 99% of households that earn $150,000 or more in annual income have Internet acces. Overall 80 percent of households were either connected to the web in 2010 or had ready access somewhere else such as at work.

THE FREE WEBSITE CREATION TOOLS ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE: Most people don't have the time or expertise to develop a website. Even the free web site services and tools (such as Word Press and Wix) may have learning curves and you are confined to using their preset templates which are not very flexible. Technically these services are not considered "website design" tools but rather "content management systems" because you are merely replacing their set template and default content with your content. If you want to replace images with your pictures then you will at the very least need to be competent at using photo manipulation software such as PhotoShop. Sites hosted by free services may turn out to be less favored by search engines. You may also find out that pages are slow to load as you are competing for bandwidth with other sites hosted on their server.

And of course there are other "free" web sites like Web.com aren't without complaints. They'll design your site for free but charge a high rate to host your site. They also own the rights to the design so you can't take the design and run off have it hosted on a low cost server.

FLEXIBILITY & CREATIVITY: If you want a truly customized site or site based on a template that can be manipulated more to your liking then you need a web designer.

For web design we work with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver design software in conjuction with hand coding in HTML, HTML5, CSS, and some Java scripting and jQuery. We work with Adobe After Effects for motion graphics, Nuendo for multi-track audio, and WaveLab for audio mastering. We used all of the above in the creation of this website and the "sizzle reel" that plays on this page!

We are based out of Los Angeles however web design work is done via phone consultation and email, so we can help wherever you may be located.

But before hiring any web designer, please 1) decide if free sites like Wix or Word Press suit your needs, and 2) if so, get some idea of what kind of design you want. The time to decide is now -- Not after a lot of work has been done, and 3) create all of your text content in advance.