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Do you have a product that you want to sell online so that customers can order from an online shopping cart?

Until you are certain that you will reach a certain sales volume threshold consistently we recommend using Ccnow.com for credit card processing. With CCnow you don't need a merchant account. They process credit card orders, provide a shopping cart, and send an email when someone places an order with payment that is approved. Ccnow currently charges 40 cents per transaction plus 4.9% of the gross sale after a one time set up fee. CLICK HERE for details.

Otherwise the next option that we can help you with is to integrate Authorize.net with a shopping cart provider such as Americart in conjunction with a merchant account that you would set up. Understand that you would need to justify the fees of approximately $30 per month. It's also considerable work (and expense) for a web designer to set up this integration. If you are setting up a web store for the first time it can be difficult to guage how much sales your site will generate. For that reason we highly recommend using Ccnow.com to start.